True Professional

December 15, 2016 Alex Oshinsky worked weekly as a goalkeeper coach with my 16 year old son for about a year, and I am very pleased to write this letter recommending him as a terrific soccer coach. My son’s skills and overall fitness developed tremendously as a result of Alex’s coaching, as did his attitude and confidence. Alex is thoroughly professional in every way; he never canceled without at least 24 hours notice, and then only once, due to extreme weather. He always arrived early to prepare for sessions, setting up equipment for drills before my son even arrived. Alex was very good at tailoring his coaching not only to my son’s advancing level, but to his specific preferences in a way that allowed my son to feel good about his strengths but also inspired about addressing his weaknesses. Alex encouraged my son to face his challenges and fears, and to overcome them. Alex monitored my son’s health and well-being on extremely hot, humid days, making sure he stayed hydrated as he pushed the limits of what he had thought he could accomplish physically. My son learned to play through heat, rain, cold, and occasionally even mild illness and injury. When my son injured his ankle (not playing soccer!), Alex taught him how to continue training in ways that protected his injury so that he would maintain strength and flexibility while he healed. My son learned to jump higher and faster, and to dive and fall safely and skillfully. My son is much stronger and more confident now, thanks to Alex, and he is serving his team better even than he expected. We highly recommend Alex Oshinsky.

- Kellie MacSwan

Highly recommend!

Alex has been working with our 14 year old daughter for a few months and is doing a great job motivating our daughter to learn more about goalkeeping. Alex has the energy, knowledge, and teaching ability to effectively communicate soccer skills (and specifically, goalkeeping skills) to any age or level player. Alex is very experienced in goalkeeping and obviously loves the game. He has great patience and is able to explain techniques of the game very well. For example, when my daughter had questions about the best positioning for goalkeepers, Alex was able to explain the pros/cons of different positions, and work with my daughter to figure out which position worked better for her and which position she was most comfortable with. Alex breaks up the coaching time and works on specific fundamental skills each week (catches, punches, throws, jumps, dives, etc.). Alex also has great tips and insights after the sessions and provides us with specific things for her to work on each week. I would highly recommend Alex for anybody who wants to improve their soccer skills.

- Jessica Hough

A true professional!

Alex spent the time to understand what I wanted to achieve and then pushed me to deliver. I can not speak highly enough of his ability coach and inspire!

- James Jessup

A means to change

I’ve known Alex as a coach for almost 10 years. While he understands the Xs and Os, I’ve always been most impressed with his commitment to using soccer for social change. For him, soccer is foremost a way to improve lives.

- Michael Vaughan-Cherubin - Director of National & Regional Partnerships

outstanding coach

Coach Alex is an outstanding youth development professional. He has a vast knowledge of the sport and excels at communicating with his athletes.

- Chris Hudler - Soccer Program Manager - DC SCORES

A true Athlete

Mr. Oshinsky was and is a true athlete personally and professionally. I had the pleasure of being a part of the Allegheny Rugby team with him as a player and as a captain. Personally I got to know him well off and on the field. Each practice Oshinsky was the one player that was always there early warming up and he was the gentleman that was there till practice was over. Many times he even stayed later to get a few more runs in before heading home. He always gave 110% each day not only for the team but to himself. He treated his position seriously and he was always in peak performance because of it. I enjoyed him as a teammate and have still watched him from afar (online) accomplishing big milestones athletically. I highly recommend him as a coach and mentor for any athlete or non-athlete.

- Case Kunick

I made the team!

I just wanted to thank you for all your help for the tryouts on Tuesday and I say with great happiness I made the team!!!! Thanks to you helped me get there. Can’t wait for the next training!

- Riley Connor