As long as you continue to grow, learn, work on yourself and improve, you should be unequivocally proud of who you are. Be you and don’t let anyone else pull you down. Listening to the advice of others is important, as long as they are trying to help you.

One of the greatest pleasures of being human is that we will always have an innate curiosity to grow and learn. We will want to improve ourselves in some way whether that be physically, mentally, socially, economically or some other area. To accomplish this we will need to spend time studying, learning, and putting time and energy in. But, as we work to improve ourselves those around us will have a one of two reactions, they will either try to build you up or tear you down.

As you grow and learn, you will inevitably need help from those around you. some people will be willing to help without being asked and will just offer their opinion, others will do so after questioning. Be ready to listen to those around you and to reach out to those that know more. If someone wants to help you reach your goal, pay attention to any advice they offer. If you reach out to someone, do not be discouraged if they do not respond, you do not know what is going on in their lives at that moment. Rather than being frustrated that they didn’t respond, try reaching out to someone else.

Now the problem comes when those around you tell you that you have changed or that you aren’t the same person. There are always going to be people that are excited for you to grow, just as there will always be people that don’t like the changes. What is important though is how you feel. If you believe the changes you are making are for the better then you have to look at why that person is trying to tear you down and what motive they might have. If there is no motive for them to tear you down then their opinion is irrelevant to your end goal.

Be true to you. Trust your instincts and believe in your goals. Listen to those that are there to help and support you and let go of the opinion of those that are there to hinder you. this is how you grow and stay happy. Surround yourself with those individuals that are going to lift you up and help you reach your goals and let go of those who only want to pull you down.