The actions of one individual might appear minimal, but those actions can spark a fire in someone else. In most situations in life you will find yourself in you will be working with other people in team situations. When working with a team it is vital that everyone does their part to ensure the success of the team. With all that being said, people won’t always show up with 100% energy and some individuals might not have any interest in participating in general. So what do you do when others don’t care to be there or don’t have energy?

Here’s the thing, you only have control over yourself. Complaining and arguing with others about their energy output or motivation might cause someone to put in even less effort. If someone believes they are doing all they need to or all they can, or if they don’t want to be there at all, arguing with them can cause them to put less effort in. As such focus on yourself and what you can do. Put more energy into being better and showing what you can accomplish.

The hope here is that the work you put in will motivate those around you to work harder. The idea being that those around you will see how hard you are trying and how much you want it and will find motivation through you. When things get tough the tough get going. This means that when things do not always look optimistic or aren’t going your way you have two options, work harder or give up. It is very easy to give up, and if one person on a team gives up it can easily cause others to give up also. But, sometimes, things go the other way. Sometimes when things get tough someone will step up and work harder than everyone else. Sometimes when this happens it will cause everyone else around them to do the same.

So, when things get tough or when people around you aren’t putting the energy in that you think they should instead of getting on their case, try putting a little more work in. Try to motivate those around you by showing them that you are willing to put the work in. This can go further than anything else.