I hear a lot of people say “I know…” and if you were to ask my parents, they would tell you that I told them the same thing on a fairly regular basis. The thing though is that just because you “know” something does not mean you are actually actively living or doing what you say.

When asked, most people know exactly what they want and exactly how to get what they want. The real question though is whether or not said individuals are willing to put the effort in to get what they want.

Knowing how to do something and actually doing it are two completely different things. Most people have a basic understanding of how to do something such as skiing or biking, but actually being able to do said thing is completely different. Just because I know the basics of how to ski (put on skis and go downhill) does not mean I will understand how to steer, slow down or stop. As such if I want to be able to ski knowing how to do so and practicing how to do so are two very different things.

If I tell someone I want to learn to do something and they give advice and I don’t do anything that they tell me to do chances are they will be less likely to help me in the future. Saying and doing are two different things. Actions speak louder than words. Take initiative of what you want and show people that you are invested.