On November 18th 2018 Alex Smith was starting for the Washington Redskins against the Houston Texans when he would suffer an injury that some would describe as career ending. That was the last time Alex Smith stepped on the field prior to this weekend. At the start of the season Alex Smith was the 3rd string quarterback behind rookie Dwayne Haskins and backup Kyle Allen. Coming into this weekend though he had been promoted to backup behind Kyle Allen. An injury to Allen would see Smith take the field for the first time in a real game in nearly two years.

Alex Smith’s journey has been a long and treacherous one. Following the initial surgery to repair Smiths broken leg, Smith developed life-threatening necrotizing fasciitis that ended up becoming septic and would require 17 additional surgeries. Things got so bad that doctors had actually recommended amputation of the leg, though it was later determined that they would be able to perform skin grafts and move muscle from his left quadriceps to the right.

When all is said and done Alex Smiths ability to push through what many would label a career ending injury is extraordinary! The mental strength that it took and the belief in himself is beyond belief. not only was he able to push though the surgeries and come out healthy, but he was also able to make the active roster. This in and of itself would have been a feat that one could be proud of, but Alex Smith went a step further and was actually able to get back into a game.

When no one else thought it was possible, Smith knew what he was capable of. When everyone else told him it was over Smith believed in himself and pushed forward. The mental fortitude, the motivation and the dedication that this took on Smiths part is absolutely amazing. It would have been extremely easy to hang up his cleats and give up, but Smith had a goal and he wasn’t going satisfied until he accomplished his goal.

While the Washington Football team did not come back to win, the fact that Smith was able to play is a bright light for everyone. Smith still has a long challenging road ahead of him and there are many questions left to be answered. But the mental strength that Smith has shown has left me to believe that no matter what challenges he faces he is ready and able to step up and face them head on. It should serve as a reminder to all of us that no matter what is happening or how grim a situation may appear nothing is over until we tell ourselves it is over.