When you think of a leader what qualities come to mind? Is it someone strong? Someone willing to do anything to succeed and get what they want, including stepping on those below them? Or, is it someone who will do whatever they can to uplift those around them? It is an interesting question to ask.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said that there are three main characteristics of a leader. The first is that they act and think independently of the good opinion of other people. This means that no matter what others say or do a stronger leader is going to do what they want. Regardless of the intention of those around them they will think for themselves and act to reach their goals their way.

His second point is that they are detached from the outcome. They are not focused on the rewards that are going to come to them. They are more interested in their purpose and the process. What they do and who they are, are all the same thing.

The final point that Dr. Dyer makes is that they have no investment in power or control over other people. Rather than pointing out someone else’s mistakes or downfall they focus on what they want.

Looking at this list I would have to agree. A leader is going to work to bring people together and ensure that everyone is capable of achieving. A true leader will work for the good of the group. Their goal is to uplift those around them and help everyone achieve together. Dr. Dyer says that a true leader is compassionate and caring and does not make themselves more important than anyone else.