I have written about it before and I will continue to write about it because I feel like it needs to be repeated, when things aren’t going right for you what are you going to do and what will your thought process be? Do you have a process to deal with things? If so great, if not why start by asking yourself these three questions.

First question to ask yourself would be, what am I good at? By asking yourself this question you can start to examine what your strengths are and what you really do well. By doing this it will help you explore more of what is going on and maybe how things have gotten out of hand.

After that ask yourself, what do other people tell me I am good at? Combine this with the above question of what you are good at and you get a solid list of things that have gotten you to where you are. It will also help you explore if your list and other peoples lists are the same. If they aren’t what is different and why are they different?

The final question would be, what is holding me back? What are you doing that is self-sabotaging? What are you doing that is preventing you from reaching your full potential or what are you doing that has prevented you from doing the thing you do best?

By asking yourself these three questions you are better able to look introspectively at what is going on. if you are able to determine these things then you can start to look at ways to make things better and get back on track.