You don’t always get back what you put in. This is an interesting one to me because there are a couple different angles to this. Here’s what I’m looking at, first no matter how much work you put into something you can’t always expect others to put the same amount of time or energy in. Second, the reward you get for your effort might not be what you expect given the amount of time and energy you put in.

Let’s look at this for a minute. When you put work into getting better for your team you often hope that those around you are going to follow suit and also work to improve so that the team can benefit as a whole. This isn’t always the case, unfortunately, some are just going to put in the bear minimum to get by. This can be infuriating, to be working nonstop to get better but not getting the same effort out of your teammates.

The second part of this is that you might put a ton of work in but not see the same level of improvement in yourself. The thing here though is that you will always have to put more work in to get better than the level of improvement you will see from said work. It’s infuriating and exhausting, but the level of improvement you will see will be nowhere near the level of effort and energy you put in.

The thing to keep in mind here is that you must remember why you are working so hard. Focus on yourself when you train to ensure that you improve. Your improvement will help the team and will show others why you deserve to be where you are. It will also help you advance to the next level. And when you train remember that you are going to have to put in significantly more work than you will get out of it. But remember to stay strong and stay the course. Continue working and striving for more.