Confidence and arrogance are two separate entities. Many people would equate one with the other. I would argue that confidence might breed arrogance, but in order to reach the top and be truly successful an individual should avoid arrogance. Confidence gives a person the ability to believe they have what it takes to succeed, arrogance makes a person believe that they are untouchable.

There are a couple adages that I thoroughly enjoy, my favorite would be that a lion never has to tell anyone that he is a lion. A lion knows what it is and how strong it is, they are highly regarded as the king of the jungle. Every other animal knows how strong a lion is and that when faced to face with one it is better for them to run. At no point does the lion have to tell them that. If the lion had to take time to tell them look at me I am a lion, they would end up losing their meal.

Confidence brings with it a sense that anything is possible. It makes someone believe that no matter what they face they will prevail. Confidence is of vital importance for an individual to succeed. If you do not have confidence in yourself then who will? Without confidence what will you do when things begin to get tough? Confidence is what gets you through tough times and what helps you push forward.

Arrogance on the other hand takes ones confidence and turns it into a weapon. When an individual becomes arrogant they begin to believe that they can avoid working and trying and still win. They will begin to believe that they won’t have to try as hard to be successful.

The biggest issue here is that when someone stops working and trying they will be quickly over taken by those below them. You don’t buy success, you rent it and rent is due every day. The more time and effort you put in now the better off you will be tomorrow. Never stop training, never lose your confidence and never let your successes get to your head. These are the keys to being truly successful.