What does fear mean to you? Can fear be empowering or is it more destructive? I believe fear has two different meanings. The first meaning of fear is Forget Everything And Run, the second meaning is Face Everything And Rise. The question becomes which one are you going to choose?

This should sound vaguely familiar, similar to the fight or flight response when faced with danger. This idea states that when faced with a dangerous situation an individual will either step up or fight to protect themselves or flee to a safer location. For our purposes, if an individual steps up to fight it means that they are choosing to address the situation and get stronger. When it comes to fleeing it means they have decided to give up.

How does this relate to FEAR and sports? When things start to get tough and aren’t going your way you have two options, the first is to give up and the second is to stand strong and work harder. Fear, is an unpleasant emotion which causes someone to believe that a situation or another individual is of danger to them.

In sports you will face dangerous and fearful situations all the time. Whether it be a fear of failure or a fear of making a fool of yourself. So the question then becomes, when faced with one of these situations that puts fear in you how will you respond? Are you going to Forget Everything And Run or are you going to Face Everything And Rise? Which one will make you stronger? Which one will help you advance yourself?