So I have seen several posts about how if you haven’t learned a new skill, started your side hustle, or gained more knowledge then you never lacked time, but rather you lacked discipline. I must say, in some regards I agree, but in others I disagree completely. Here’s my argument, it is ok to not be ok. These are unprecedented times we are living in. We are living through a pandemic, pretty much everything has come to a halting stop, widespread unemployment, major economic collapse, not to mention major concerns for our own health and the well being of those we love. We can no longer go out and spend time with our friends and family the way we used to. We can no longer participate in activities that we loved. And here’s what makes it even more terrifying, there is no indication of how long this will last. So, I must say, it is ok to not be ok.

Here’s the thing. First and foremost, everyone has different concerns right now. Some of us are unsure of whether or not we will get paid, some are scared for our health or the health of those we love, some are concerned that their very means of living are going to be upended. Some of us are introverted and some of us are extroverted. An introvert won’t have any real issue staying in and focusing on other things, an extrovert might be ok for a couple days, but it will start to wear on them since they thrive on being out and about and gain energy from others. All this being said, telling an extrovert who has other concerns (small businesses, health issues, elderly or sick relatives) that they lack discipline in these times isn’t going to make anything any easier for them. If anything it will serve to stress them out even more.

All that being said, it is ok to not be ok with what is going on. None of us expected this, none of us were ready for this, none of us had a plan to cope with a situation such as this. Ergo, it is ok to not be ok, but, I do agree with this statement a bit.

Now that you have time, how are you using it? As I said, it is ok to not be ok, but there are different ways of being productive. Check in on those you care about and ensure that everything is in line. Take time to rest, heal and refocus or recenter yourself. We currently do not have an end in sight for what is going on so focus on self health and self care. Take as much time as you need (you have plenty). Do whatever you need to to be ok, and if you are not ok, reach out to a friend (I’m always available if you need to talk and can’t think of anyone else).

That being said, once you have adjusted and become ok, then it is time to start focusing on other things. Now you can start working on learning a new skill, gaining more knowledge, or starting your side hustle. But don’t let anyone tell you that self care isn’t productive in these unprecedented times. We each have our own path and our own way of dealing and coping. Some of us will focus on self care, some of us will focus on side hustles. Both are acceptable.