What is a team? A team is a group of individuals coming together to accomplish a single goal. For that to happen everyone needs to come together with the same objective. A team is very much like a puzzle, when all the pieces are present and they all for together they form a beautiful image. But the minute you take a piece out you lose the image. Whether you're a bench player or a starter your roll with your team is equal important for what your bring to the team. Everyone brings something unique and it's the job of the coach not to take away the uniqueness of an individual but rather to make their uniqueness shine even brighter within the group.

Here is the thing a team doesn’t necessarily consist of just team sports (soccer, football, basketball, etc…) but teams are also individual sports (tennis, golf, swimming, etc…). Allow me to explain. While you might feel like you are by yourself when you play a sport such as tennis or golf there are a couple other individuals with you. Your coaches, trainers and the rest of the staff on your side that helps you through training and planning for matches. A team could also consist of family and friends who can help you relax and enjoy between matches and practices. So a team can be anyone that is involved with an individual that helps them stay on track and improve.

As far as team sports are concerned, there are several things one must consider when being a part of a team. First and foremost, what is your roll on the team? If you’re a starter, how do you interact with your teammates? Are you supportive? Do you work for the team? If you’re a sub, are you ready to play when your called on? Do you help your teammates improve in training?

Remember only one person can have the ball at a time and only one person can score at a time. You may not even be on the field when the game winning goal is scored, but if you've participated in practice and you've been a part of training, that goal is just as much yours as it was theirs. You brought something to training that they didn't see or wouldn't see anywhere else but from you. It's a team sport and every player, sub or starter has their roll to play. Just because you aren't playing doesn't mean you didn't impact the game. It is the job of those playing to carry the will and the strength of those not playing onto the field. Remember your team is a puzzle it's true beauty will shine when all the pieces are working together.