With two weeks of quarantine and isolation behind us I just want to check in and see how everyone is holding up. With all the free time what are you doing? How are you keeping yourself occupied? Are you keeping up to date on things you wanted to accomplish?

Here’s the thing, I know plenty of people (myself included) that spend a good bit of time complaining that there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish everything that we want to. We are always tired and never get enough sleep. So here is my question to you, what are you doing now that you have nothing to do?

I am sure everyone has a list of things they wish to accomplish but never have enough time for. So have you completed anything on your list? Have you even started anything on your list? If so congratulations, if not, why? What is your excuse for not getting things done? Is this mentality useful to you? How will this mentality relate to your sport? How will it relate to other parts of your life?

Sleep wise, have you caught up on your sleep? Are you sleeping in or keeping a schedule? Why are you doing what you are doing and how will this impact you later?

Here’s the thing, we never have enough time when we are working and trying to live our lives, but now that things have come to a halt we have a tendency to procrastinate. Part of that procrastination is because we have lost our regular scheduling and are unsure of what to do with our extra time. The other part is that we have failed to make a plan for ourselves. If we want to be successful in these times, we need to put a plan in place for ourselves. We must hold ourselves to the same standards we would in everything else.

It’s ok to take a day or two to rest and recover. But we must police ourselves to ensure that we are accomplishing what we want. Make a plan for yourself. Set goals for yourself. Determine what you will do during your time off and how you will accomplish it. Write it all down. Reward yourself after completing something on your list. This tips will help you better get everything done that you want to.