In every match you play, someone will be the favored to win, and someone will be the underdog. That being said there are several ways to approach every match and it all depends on which roll you play in the game at hand. The question is what is the outcome you are looking for?

In the event that you are the favored to win several things can happen. First most teams when favored have a tendency to underestimate their opponent. When this happens they will lose focus on the game at hand. Players will tend to start looking at the next game rather than the game they are currently playing. When this happens they will lose focus on the match at hand and no longer be invested in what is going on. It will cause them to play with a little less energy.

The second thing that can happen when a team is favored is that they can have a tendency to play a little lack because they believe they are supposed to win. When this happens players and teams again will play more lack and with less energy. But this time it will be due to the fact that they will believe that they are supposed to win and that it is inevitable that they do. As a result they will not put as much effort in.

The third thing that can happen would be that a team could play scared. When you step into a game as the favored to win it can put a lot of undue pressure on a player and team to win the match. As a result they might believe that they HAVE to win this match and will end up making mistakes as a result. When a team plays scared they do whatever they can to not make a mistake and in turn end up making mistakes. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As an underdog there are also a couple things that can happen. If you step into the match believing you have nothing to lose it can help you play more relaxed and more focused. This can help you play a more complete match and help give you an edge. If though on the other hand you walk in believing you are already set to lose, it will cause a team to put less effort into the match.

No matter the situation, if you play relaxed and focused you will be more likely to have a favorable outcome. Stay focused on there here and now. Never underestimate or overestimate an opponent. Trust yourself and trust your game.