Alright, so I would say the two keys to becoming a strong and successful athlete are skill and heart. Skill is what you need to compete, but heart is what you need to grow and improve.

Here’s the thing, skill will take you places. It will get you noticed, and it will make your life easier. But skill must be maintained, worked on, and enhanced. Those that aren’t motivated to put the work in will only accomplish so much. Remember, there will always be someone gunning for you. The best in the world do not become the best because they relied on skill alone. They worked daily to become better and continued to work after they became the best. Skill will make things easier for you, but it isn’t the end of it.

What you need to accompany skill is heart. Heart is what will drive you to keep working when no one else wants to. Heart is what will push you to go out and work when the weather is bad. Heart is what will give you the motivation you need to continue fighting at the end of a match when you are losing.

If I was asked which player I would rather have on my team, a player with heart or a player with skill, I would take the player with heart. Skills can be learned. Heart comes from within. Eventually the player with more heart will surpass the player with more skill.

So, the questions you must ask yourself, is why do you play? What do you want? What is your goal? Once you know the answer to these questions then you can start to create a path for yourself.

Remember, it isn’t about giving more than 100%. That in and of itself is not possible. Rather, the question is can you give a better 100%?