How do you react to a big win versus a big loss?

How do you react when the game is over? Here is the question I have for you, what is your response to a strong win versus a tough loss? What is your thought process after a match? What is your training routine?

How do you as a team respond when you win a game you shouldn’t have won? For many winning a game you shouldn’t results in celebration by the team. They will start to think that they have accomplished great things and deserve a chance to relax. The reality though is just the opposite. The bigger the win, the more people will start to notice you. The more people start to notice the more prepared they will be and the harder they will attack. When you win big it doesn’t mean it is time to relax and take your foot off the gas, rather it means you must step up and work harder. This is due to the fact that everyone will be focused on you now.

If on the other-hand though you face a tough loss, what then will your reaction be? Will you decide to give up and let yourself be defeated by it? Will you work harder and attempt to overcome? Or will you step back and take a minute to relax and adjust? I think the two most viable options here would be to work harder to overcome and take a minute to relax and readjust. Let me explain. When you face a tough loss, there is a good chance you were underestimating your opponent. When you do this, chances are you are no longer focused on the match at hand and rather the next match. This distraction will tend to lead to your defeat since you are distracted. After a tough loss if you give up and let yourself be defeated you will never grow or learn. If on the other hand, you work harder and work to overcome you will refocus on the task at hand and be better prepared for future matches. If you take a minute to relax and adjust it will help forget the match that just passed and move forward to the next one.

Here is the thing. When you win big those around you will begin to come after you. As such you must work harder and focus more to stay at the top. If you lose a big match take your time and refocus on what you are doing. Refocusing can either be done by taking a step back and relaxing and enjoying or working harder. This though is dependent on the mood of the team and the situation at hand. It is up to the coach to read the situation and determine what the best step in this situation is.