Be comfortbale being uncomfortable

What does it mean to be present? Is it enough to just show up to your game and be there or is there more to it? How Do you create a presence?

From the moment you step foot on the field your opponents will be trying to read you to determine how ready you are to play. Whether it be a recreational Sunday league game or a professional game your presence will tell everyone all they need to know about your mindset and how ready you are to compete.

If presence is so important, how do you create one? What are the components of your presence? First and foremost your body language says a lot about your mindset. From the way you walk into the field to the way you hold yourself you are creating a presence. Take a second and think about this, if you see someone on the other team dragging their feet as they walk on to the field, head low, not fully prepared to play do you really think they want to be there? Do you think they will go the extra mile and work to out hustle you? Do you believe they really care about the game?

Now imagine you see a player jogging or running out to the field with their chin up chest held high. What do you think? Are they ready to play? Are they excited to be there?

Out of these two players which would you rather play against? Which do you think would be the easier opponent?