Self Growth and Change only Occur When you are Uncomfortable

Self-growth and change don't come from maintaining the status quo, they come from being challenged, pushing yourself beyond your limits, failure. We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when they are difficult.

The easier things are the less likely we are to change and grow. Let me make this clear, when things are easy we never learn. We never fail. And we never adapt. The more you approve of mediocracy the less you will change. When you accept complacency you are essentially saying that you are ok with staying where you are.

Complacency breeds due to several different reasons. First would be a fear of failure. We as humans are naturally prone to avoid failure. As such we will want to try our best to avoid it. Second would be a feeling that we are already good enough. At this point a person is under the belief that they are already better than everyone else. This belief makes people not want to work because they believe that no matter what no one will ever advance past them. Third would be the feeling that we no longer need to work since it won’t make a difference. Under this belief a person has accepted their place and believe that no matter what they do, nothing will change. Under this assumption a person accepts the status quo since no matter what they won’t get any better.

The thing though is that no one gets to the top by accepting complacency and being ok with the status quo. To advance yourself one must do several things. They must first believe that they can become better. From there they will be willing to put in the work needed to advance themselves. They must understand that failure is always an option. When things start to get rough they must fight past and push forward rather than giving up and. Finally they must understand that just because they have reached the “top” it doesn’t mean that they are done learning and advancing themselves. You don’t become the best by stopping, you become the best by continually working harder and continually pushing yourself.