Players must gain the trust of their coaches

Last week I wrote about how coaches need to gain the trust of their players and how that trust should be earned and worked for. This week I want to look at the other side of this, Players also need to earn the trust of their coaches.

As I mentioned in last weeks post, a coach must earn the trust of their players in order to get the most out of them. When a player trusts their coach and believes that they have their best interest in mind they will be more prone to work harder and support their coach. That being said this though, a player must also work to gain the trust of their coach. When a coach is unable to trust their players chances are they will be less likely to give them playing time or put them into key situations. Some situation will be better suited for certain players than others, but if the coach can’t trust their players there is a good chance they won’t see playing time when they could most benefit the team. If your teams best penalty killer in hockey does not have the coaches trust do you truly believe the coach will throw them into the game to kill a key penalty?

That being said I believe that just as coaches need to show their players that they care and are interested in their will being, a player must likewise show the coach that they care about the team and the game. This can be done in a couple ways. The first and main way to show that you care is to show up on time and ready to practice. Being present at practice is a good way to show that you are interested and care, but it isn’t enough. More importantly than just showing up though is to put work in at practice. Show up every day with the intention of getting better. Have a plan for something you want to work on. Show your coach how much you care by showing them how hard you are willing to work.

If you put the effort in at practice your coach will take notice. It will show that you care and are will to do anything for the team. It’ll show that no matter the situation the coach can trust that if they put you into the game you will do whatever you can. It’ll also show them that you have been paying attention so that when you do get in they can trust that you can improvise and that things will work out.

Remember, actions speak louder than words. Show your coach that you are there to work, don’t just show up. Gain your coaches trust.

Trust shouldn’t be given or expected by ether the coach or the player. But rather both must put equal effort in. Only then will the team function as a whole.