Be comfortbale being uncomfortable

Be comfortable being uncomfortable, this has a couple different implications to it. This piggy backs off a couple other blogs I have posted. It will also foreshadow a few posts to come. So, without further ado let’s jump right in!

First and foremost, you have to expect that things will not always go as planned, so when things don’t go the way you plan how are you going to react? Uncomfortable situations are going to arise in life and sports, so how you prepare for them and how you deal with them is huge. Here’s the thing, when you step on the field to play you are not going to be the only person out there. The other team is stepping out trying to win also, the ref is stepping out to keep things fair and the fans are out to cheer or jeer, your coach has a game plan and your teammates have to step up and do their part. And as if that wasn’t enough there are also other things to prepare for such as weather and field conditions. So, during the game no matter how prepared you are, things will rarely go as planned. When things do not go the way you plan and when the situation becomes uncomfortable how are you going to react? Will you panic and faulter or step up and achieve That my friends is up to you.

Second is that no one grows from staying within their comfort zone. If you want to grow and get better, then be ready to step out of your comfort zone. I am not saying that you should seek out uncomfortable situations, but rather that you should be prepared for them if you wish to grow. Growth steams from change and change breeds discomfort.

All I can say is trust yourself and be prepared. Trust that you are ready for any situation that comes your way. Be decisive in the decisions you make and step out ready for the unexpected and the uncomfortable. Do not go looking for it, but when it shows itself know that you are prepared for it. Remember that you have trained and worked for this. Trust in your instincts and believe in yourself and everything will work out. Be comfortable being uncomfortable.