Be the Best

Be the best

Your goal, regardless of what you are doing, should always be to be the best at what you do. Step out with confidence and be ready to achieve. Whether you are stepping out for practice or a game always step out believing that you are the best. Your mindset will set the mood for what you are doing.

Let me make myself perfectly clear though, believing that you are the best does not mean that you have nothing left to learn or to work on. If you believe that you are not good enough then you won’t be, if you believe that you have potential to be better you will end up stuck in limbo, but, if you believe you can be the best you will rise up and achieve. Focus on what you want and focus on being the best.

If you spend your time believing that you aren’t enough and never will be, then you won’t be. You will end up focusing on the negative. By focusing on the negative you will start to believe the negative. By believing the negative, you won’t strive towards or work towards achieving more. And even if you did work towards something your mind is already telling you that you aren’t good enough so subconsciously you will hold yourself back from achieving more.

If you tell yourself that you can be better, you will begin to get better. The issue here though is that you won’t know what you are working towards. What can you be better at? What is better?

When you tell yourself that you are the best though, that is when the magic happens. When you truly believe in yourself and your potential that’s when you can start to do great things. You will start to work harder, and your work will lead to improvements.

Your belief in yourself will translate to your subconscious belief in yourself which will create your action. Believe in yourself believe in your potential. This will lead to the change you desire. Remember, be the best.