Two Teams

There are two teams.

The first team is a team where every player is an individual. They are only interested in their own stats and their own well being.

The second team is a team where every player works harder for the player next to them because they know that that player will do the same for them.

There are two individuals in sports.

The first gives up whenever things get tough. When they lose the ball they stop trying and turn away. They blame the player next to them for their short comings, never admitting when they have made a mistake. they feel they deserve to be a starter just because of who they are not because of the work they put in.

The second player is one that never gives up. As long as there is time left on the clock they will work until the end. when they lose the ball they are the first one to it. When something goes wrong they are quick to blow it off and look forward. They fight for the person next to them not because they have to but because they want to. This player doesn't take anything for granted, they will work harder than anyone else just to ride the bench.

You have to make a decision, which team do you want to be? Which player are you going to be? Are you going to work for each other or against each other?